HARSH TRUTH, Never disclose all your Sources of Income.

11 months ago
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Every one have Auxiliary Sources of Income.

People may know your primary source of income especially if it’s a fixed amount of money like Salary. But people shouldn’t know your other sources of income.

A person could have 3 sources of income:

  1. Primary Source like salary
  2. Secondary Source like side hustle
  3. Auxiliary Source like Trust Fund or minor Investment

Personally… “I have Tried it and I REGRETTED it”.

Your INCOME (MONEY💰) could be….
a). Your Salary.
b). Your business revenue and profit.
c). Your investment returns.
d). Your side hustle or Cash from people.
And many more!!!!


On no account should you disclose the details of all your Earnings to people no matter how close they are to you (it really BACK FIRES💥💣)

No matter what you’re trying to prove by telling people details of your EARNINGS, eventually it will not end well 😏😏

The moment you tell people….

1). They will start asking you for more money always😳 (charity).
2). They will start calculating and keeping records for you😜 without your knowledge.
3). If your income isn’t that much (you earn below they’re Expectations), they will start looking down on you and start rating your lifestyle (wondering how you’re able to afford the things you have😮).

Treat your INCOME as your STRENGTH and your WEAKNESS (keep it personal).

1). Have you ever told someone your sources of income and What was your experience after that??