Housewives are Homemakers

2 years ago


DON’T BREAK YOUR HOME Just Because Your Husband Asked You TO BE A HOUSEWIFE

Housewife is a married woman whose main occupation is caring for her family, managing household affairs, and doing housework. being a mother is already fulltime job.

Housewife a privilege most women don’t have

True Life Story

I remember when my sister married newly, she will always be at home doing house chores and taking care of her child( just one child). She will be so bored!!!! She will call me sometimes complaining that she wants to be going out to do something. I will smile, telling her not to WORRY THE TIME IS COMING when she will get tired of going out.

Also I told her that it’s a temporally Challenge and she should enjoy it while it last and besides we that are working, some of our jobs are even better we stayed home taking care of your family because the jobs are not worth the time and Energy.

Nevertheless, she decided to keep herself busy with some work like Sewing clothes,

she had a sewing machine which she brought out and mounted in her room.
Sometimes, she will bake cake or fry chops and so on which she will give to her neighbors to have taste of her work. At a point I asked her “what exactly do you want ???? MONEY or BUSY BODY???

After some years, she got a lecturing job in a very high prestigious university. Did i mention she has her masters certificate???
Of course. Currently, she is on her PHD.

In conclusion, she is no more a housewife but that doesn’t mean she has never been a housewife (that’s why I say its not a permanent job)

So for those that are in the same or almost the same situation, ENJOY IT WHILE IT LAST

  • Housewife is not a Lazy job
  • Housewife is not bad luck
  • Housewife is not something to be ashamed of.
  • Housewife is you taking full time care of your investment (family).

Don’t allow anyone make you feel inferior because you are a housewife.


  1. Watching movie the whole day is not part of the work of a housewife (don’t be a lazy housewife)
  2. Housewife is but it’s a full time job
  3. Housewife doesn’t mean you can’t earn or make money
  4. Many housewife created a new career for themselves
  5. If you can manage your home very well, there is no business you can’t manage successfully.


  • Take pride in what you do & enjoy it while it last.
  • Those trying to insult you as a housewife, they are not better than you.
  • Always keep your skill and creativity alive.