2 years ago

A good CEO, Chief Executive Officer leads by example. He/she doesn’t lead by flexing or enforcing. That establishment or Office is your business that makes it your life. You shouldn’t and mustn’t wait for the cleaner to come clean your life up and that’s why you shouldn’t wait for anyone to do something for your own office. Although it’s the duty of a cleaner but that doesn’t take your title (CEO) away.

Therefore, you need to do what anybody fails to do.

This new generation CEO’s. The way they carry themselves makes me wonder if they understand that the whole stress, work load, and Expectations are on them (the CEO’s).

If you think that being a CEO means you can not sweep or clean the office by yourself THEN YOU NEED TO GROW UP!!!!

If you are a CEO…

  • You should be the most hardworking.
  • You should be the most punctual.
  • You should be Up & Doing.
  • You should do what your employees forgot to do.
  • You should be the last to leave the office.
  • You should be here and there at the same time

Remember: no one pays you, you pay yourself after paying others (that is if money still remain).

This is why All the CEO should WORK HARDER & WORK SMARTER.