2 years ago

HARSH TRUTH 035: Marriage Winner

Unknowns, uncertainties, unpredictables in Marriage.

When I see young women say

“I don’t need my husband, I can take care of my kids”,

women seeking divorce

I SMILE and I say to myself……

1) If only women can struggle for the welfare and custody of their marriage the way they struggle for their children’s welfare and custody.

2). If only women can hustle without complain the maintain and take care of their homes the way they hustle to take care if their children .

3). If only men/women knew that their children are their temporal partner.

4). If only men / women know how eager these children they are fighting for will be to leave their house as soon as they are 18 years old.

5). If only men/women know that the essence of marriage is companionship.

6). If only women know that they won’t be young forever.

7). If only men / women know that NO ONE IS PERFECT.

8). If only women know that love doesn’t keep marriage.
(Two people that have common interest & common love for the children keeps a home)

9). If only men/women know that NO PAIN NO GAIN

10). If only men/ women know that loneliness is at higher percentage in old age especially without a partner.


  • You won’t be FOREVER YOUNG even if you do plastic surgery.
  • Slow and steady wins the race
  • There is no WINNER in marriage but there is a crown or reward for those that conquered.
  • Life is not easy and marriage is just like Life.


  • Seek knowledge
  • Seek the implications of your actions
  • Know when to pipe low and observe
  • Don’t react the way everyone expects you to react.