Mr Wares & Mrs Wares Inseparable

4 years ago

Mr Hard & Mrs Soft Wares are Blindly in Love
Some people said its because there were married at birth ( Betrothed). Being Betrothed is it a Guarantee or Warranty for a Perfect and Unconditional Love??????????

After Mr & Mrs Wares won the Best Inseparable Couple Award (back to back), their popularity grew globally that all the TV Station, Radio Staion , Bloggers and Paparazzi followed them up and invited them for an interview with regards to knowing the secret of their love.
Mrs Wares doesn’t like to be seen nor Touched but prefers to be talked about, declined all the invitations except that of bloggers. Mrs Wares told bloggers that she is so submissive to the husband that she has to live inside him, That is to communicate with her or see her, you must go through her husband; I call that Total Submission.
But Mr wares who likes to be seen, Touched and talked about went for all the interviews. When asked why they are inseparable, he answered ” We are inseparable because we can’t perform independently, he said ” I depend on Mrs Wares for Life while Mrs Wares Depends on him for strength and Support. He added that he is their body and Mrs Wares is their Soul.
When he was asked if they have quarelled or fought he replied; I can’t fight with my Soul, my life, my brain, my all.
When asked the highest sacrifice Mrs Wares have made to him, he answered, Mrs Wares, my wife choose to be invisible just to make me Relevant and Respected. You know how much every woman wants to be seen and appreciated.
I know you are beginning to figure out what I am talking about, its the hard Wares and soft Wares. I know that alot of Techies know about this Duo, their Co- existence and their dependecy. Hardware is nothing but a metal or chips that is useless until SoftWare is burnt or installed into it. Every hardWare uses a softWare, no matter how small or minute the hardware is take for instance: TV, Radio, Wristwatch, Remote, mobile phone and a lot more Hardware, has softWare in them.
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