Who Is Lemuel Joshua

5 months ago

Lemuel Joshua is one of the sports journalists and analyst of WAVE 91.7 FM Port Harcourt.
With some experience in internet blogging and media presenting with GOLDIALOYTV, currently based in Aba,Abia State.
Born and bred in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Lemuel Joshua expendition on the world of internet blogging and media presenting basically began in 2016 when he cut the eyes of school lecturer in the person of Engr Goldia Chinedu who discovered his ability and potentials as he began blogging and media/news publication as well as TV presenting with Mcl Tv,Aba during the shooting of #TECHTALK 9JA WITH GOLDIA Show that was aired live on MCL TV.
Earlier in the month of july,LEMUEL JOSHUA made his comeback into media publicity with the sports team at #WAVE 91.7 FM during that time he became a sports analyst as he made his debut alongside DEINMA ABAKU,DELE OGUNLEYE on #SportsLounge. These has grown his personality with WAVE 91.7 FM.
LEMUEL JOSHUA is a blogger with seven(7) weblog that publicize trending news with GoldialoyTv , Chrome-Net , Lemuella Skit , Lemuel Joshua Media , Lemuelnaijatv , Nepwap , Lemuelonlinetv , you can connect with him on his facebook link www.facebook.com/lemuel.joshua.5.
Lemuel Joshua is a student with Covenant Polytechnic,aba where he studied electrical/electronics engineering technology and obtained is National Diploma and will be glad to continue his schooling with the private institution,he is popular among his peers as he is been dubbed a title THE BOSS, these made so popular that he became a public figure both in school and away from school.